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Through KID-FIT Singapore, the KID-FIT program is now available in Singapore. KID-FIT is a physical education curriculum for children ages 2-5. It was designed by fitness professionals to address the growing concern for preschool children’s health and well-being.

If you’re looking for an educational fitness program that makes exercise fun, teaches sound nutrition and incorporates rest and relaxation you’ve found the perfect blend. Let us guide you through KID-FIT. Children’s lives will be enriched and you’ll be amazed at what they learn.

A concern for unhealthy lifestyles among Asian adults motivated Minli to return to his first love – physical education and fitness. Minli joined the KID-FIT team in 2010 to educate children in Asia after realizing the problem was mainly due to 1) Lack of sport skill development, 2) Little health education during early childhood and 3) Low self-esteem among youngsters.


KID-FIT has been taught since 1994, piloted across the USA and is now offered in all parts of the world. Little ones enjoy a balanced exercise class that includes all the basic components of fitness - aerobic exercise, strength training and flexibility. And, develop important sports skills for lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.

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I love to exercise in KID- FIT and we always learn fun things about our bodies
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